You Are Loved

Do you remember?

You are loved fully by your source energy.

Do you know this?

Do you remember and know that you are fully supported, cheered on, and valued by the universe and infinite intelligence?

Can you feel this?

Don’t try and experience it through your mind. That’s not where it lays. Bring your attention now to the aliveness within your body.

There. Can you sense that? Be still. Be conscious. Be fully alert and present. Be awake. Listen and sense with your entire being, self, and consciousness.

The answers you’re looking for are no where to be found except within your high willingness to experience this deep aliveness within yourself in the present moment.

That also means that your true life purpose can be found when you practice experiencing this deeper part of Self.

There are no obstacles except for the ones you have habitually and unconsciously created in your mind. These obstacles were passed on to you by society, but you don’t need them anymore because you recognize they don’t serve you. They’re not even true. They are fabricated assumptions from the limited perception of the ego mind.

Let go of fear and step into allowing.

Let go of doubt and move into conscious presence with the Whole.

Let go of pain and relax into acceptance of now.

Soon, when you practice these thought patterns that are harmonious, synchronistic, and one with the voice of source, then you will know, remember, and allow the song of joy to sing continuously throughout your life experience.

If this message was meaningless to you, it means you are not quite ready to realize the truth of who you truly are. Never underestimate the significance and power of a seed, however. In perfect time, you will remember that you are the cause of every single thing that occurs in your experience. That sense and knowledge of self-control is one of the key ingredients to your overall happiness and consistent sense of bliss in your life experience.

I leave you with this simple, yet powerful reminder:

Your life purpose can never be found in your outside experiences. It is rooted within your conscious awareness of who you truly are. From there, an outer purpose emerges that is completely entangled with your deepest sense of joy, passion, creativity, enthusiasm, leadership, and authenticity. From this state of awareness, every moment of life becomes alive with meaning, truth, and a sense of awe. But you don’t access it through your mind. You access it through your highest, non-physical part of your self. That is the space of who you truly are, where source lives, breathes, and holds you fully in the highest place of appreciation.

This state is always available to you. When you choose to enter it you will always remember and never forget that...

You Are Loved.


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