Why I Am A Life Coach


At this point in my life, I feel I could do just about anything...if I wanted to.

The truth is that my highest passion — my soul drive — is to remind people of what I’ve come to remember since 2006.

It hasn’t been an easy journey.

No, to be honest it has been downright difficult, challenging, and full of pain and suffering...

However, since what I’ve come to know as my “spiritual awakening” began, I have also met within myself a greater sense of love, compassion, unrelinquished joy, and a deeper sense of self-empowerment that I truly don’t believe many people have allowed themselves to experience while present in their physical bodies.

How many of us feel completely equipped and ready to slay the dragon that is life?! 

Only in our dreams can we conquer our darkest demons...right?...

Before I continue I want to say that I don’t think I have all of life’s answers figured out. That would make me perfect and there is no such thing. 

To be human is to have shortcomings. We all have monsters in the closet, or what is also sometimes referred to in my field as, “The Shadow Self.” This is the part of us that doesn’t know who we truly are, what we truly want, or how to get it. It’s the part of us that is lost, afraid, fearful, uncertain and confused about our life’s purpose, or if we even have one to begin with.

We all have a Shadow Self and we all have a dragon we want to slay.

The reason I’m a life coach is because I have been on the journey of bringing my shadow into light for over 12 years so that I can look the dragon in the eyes and enjoy watching him know who is real master is. 

I’m a life coach because I know how thrilling it is to confidently embrace the shadowed, insecure part of yourself that you cannot ever fully destroy, and move towards a dream that you don’t yet know how you’re going to turn into a reality. 

I’m a life coach because I want others to feel the unfathomable levels of joy, love, and empowerment that I’ve felt, while simultaneously creating a life they deem worthy, fun, alive and exciting.

I’m a life coach because I want to help people remember what I began to remember in 2006: we are all free to think and believe whatever we want to believe. We do not need to accept a reality that does not agree with our highest will. We get to choose the life we truly want to live, and if we want to walk our highest path it requires us to be more conscious of who we truly are.



What Happened In 2006?

It seemed as though I was a happy-go-lucky guy in my senior year of high school. My self esteem was almost completely fuelled by what other people thought of me. Lucky for me, I was an actor! *Facepalm.* 

The highlights of my life were the times I received praise for the work I did in the theatre. I wanted so badly to be thought of as a “good actor” because it was the first time I felt accepted for something I also really enjoyed doing.

I portrayed a boy named Bron who appeared confident, but in reality he was hurting inside, struggling to find a sense of acceptance and love from the world around him.

After being involved in a dozen school and community theatre productions, I was extremely enthused to direct one of my own plays for my final high school project. I was given a play by my drama teacher called The Balled Soprano by Eugene Ionesco. With abrupt moments of laughter, confusion, disappointment, and complete awe as I read it for the first time, my life was never the same again.

The play was derived from the philosophy of existentialism and of the genre known as “Theatre of the Absurd.” 

Plays of this genre hold unconventional plot lines that typically don’t make logical sense, and characters that speak to each other with incomplete thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. If you go see an absurd piece, you can expect to see a dramatic and often poetic metaphor for the way most humans are currently experiencing their lives:

Lost, scared, fearful, confused, yet still trying to make sense and find fulfillment out of their experience.

In my eyes, Absurd Theatre really is all about dramatically expressing the nature of our human Shadow Self in all of its chaotic complexities.

By the end of any Absurd production, we’re always left with unanswered questions about life, death, relationships, health, spirituality, and more. It was this theme that completely jolted me outside of my impressionable, indoctrinated 17 year old mind of what I was taught to believe was “true” and “untrue” about my life, and inspired me to begin deeply questioning my existence, why I’m here and who I truly am.

I began asking questions such as:

Who is God and what is my relationship to him/her/it?

Who am I? Am I just a human being, or am I something more?

Why are we here? Is there such thing as a life purpose? If so, what is the real answer?

My experience directing The Bald Soprano, which I ended up winning a district scholarship for upon graduating high school, lead me into a dimension of spiritually I didn’t know existed until then. It was my first taste of true freedom and complete exaltation...and I wanted more.



Enter The Dragon

Since that experience in 2006, the following three questions have driven my life purpose to a large degree.

1. Who are we?

2. Why are we here?

3. How do we get what we truly want in life?

I wanted so badly to not only find the truth for myself, but also for other people. Over time, I became obsessed with personal development, which soon outgrew my passion and purpose of becoming a working, successful actor. 

I started having visions of myself speaking on stages in front of millions of people, wanting nothing more but to help them find the inner freedom that I stumbled upon within myself.

For the next 12 years I completely immersed myself in spiritual practice and study, meditating every day, and listening to leading edge thought teachers such as Abraham-Hicks, Kevin Trudeau, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Neil Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robins and more.

Ever since the beginning my intention has always been to discover the highest, most accurate truth of those three questions mentioned above. 

I’ve never been interested in mysticism, theories, or dogmas. I’ve always been interested in bringing what I have come to know on a spiritual level into a practical understanding so other people can learn from it as well.

My mission has always been to come to a scientific, reproducible awareness of how to create the happiest, healthiest, most abundant life possible for all humans on our planet.

In the twelve years and thousands of hours I’ve spent learning from some of the worlds greatest spiritual and success teachers, I’ve come to a resolve that sets up the essence of why I’m here with you sharing this message. It can be summed up in two parts.

1. We can never know the “True” truth.

It is impossible to know the truth of our universe from our physical perspective because of our bodies’ limitations to perceive what is “real.” Yes, science and spirituality are, at this current time, coming closer and closer to finding common ground with each other. However, as long as we exist in our limited physical bodies, we’ll never know the true truth; it will always remain subjective. For all we know we could be nothing more than a brain in a vat hooked up to a computer simulation and it would be impossible to know if that were the case or not.

2. If we can never know the truth, then it is logical to assume that every human being is completely free to believe whatever they desire to believe is true based on their own experiences and rational understanding of reality. 

Subsequently, this also means that every human being is so free that s/he can choose to believe in a universe in which they have the power to be, do, and have whatever they desire in life, or one in which they don’t. From all my experiences so far, I believe the former is the most accurate in terms of universal truth.



Why I Am A Life Coach

100% of my work is based on encouraging people to accept and claim their absolute power and freedom so they can begin from where they are to create lives that are truly meaningful and fulfilling to them, whatever that may be. I don’t wish to push an agenda on anyone, except the one they want deep down within themselves.

For years I struggled with believing I thought I had to be some sort of spiritual guru that resembled an Eckhart Tolle or Tony Robbins figure. I thought I had to be something I wasn’t in order to be successful. Turns out the opposite is true.

Your dragon, or Shadow Self,  is the part of you that you don’t know how to conquer yet. It may show up in the form of a romantic or business relationship, a health concern, financial problem, emotional upheaval, or in my case, a spiritual awakening. 

Your dragons are your challenges, and there’s not one person on the planet who doesn’t have them. 

The dragons will always exist and that’s a good thing. The key to life is accepting and embracing the fact that there will always be another dragon to face. If there was no adversity in your life, what would be your purpose? 

You need the dragons or life would be devoid of any worthy meaning.

When you bring this element of love and acceptance to whatever dragon your facing right now, you get in a tremendously better place to conquer, own, and move on to the next one.

Life is a game and you get to make up your own rules. What has worked for me and so many others is developing a positive attitude towards life’s greatest, darkest, meanest dragons.

When you love your battle, you own it, it does not own you. You bring a sense of light, ease, flow, play, and even empowerment to your journey towards your next slay. 

You become the ultimate force for whatever you want to happen in your life. You begin to get excited about your next dragon, for it is nothing more than an opportunity to realize a new level of self-empowerment than you’ve ever had before.



Owning The Dragon

My biggest dragon battle currently is about me becoming the best life coach I can possibly be.

I want to make our planet a better place to live by empowering the human species to choose whatever is closest to their hearts. 

Most people in the world today cower at their dragons because they were taught to turn a blind eye to them. Most of us are taught to let our fears run our entire lives.

This dragon has not been easy for me to face. In fact, it’s been the most challenging of my life. It’s only been the past 2-3 years I’ve started to enjoy it and move at it with a higher level of conscious awareness of how to own it.

I have found that the spiritual awakening journey is largely about accepting, embracing, and enjoying the process of developing the skills necessary to conquer your current dragon.

I believe it’s the destiny of all humans to realize and accept their power to consciously create their own reality. This will eventually give birth to a world with less pain and suffering than we are experiencing today.

When you summon the courage to face your dragons you will find that not only were you scared of something you had the power to conquer all along...you were also scared of something that’s nothing more than a figment of your imagination.

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