What Is Going To Happen To Humanity?


There’s never been a time of greater diversity among us.

People are more scared, creative, joyful, adventurous, careless, shameful, disconnected, and yet more connected, than ever before.

With all of this vast contrast comes a great amount of change.

With great change comes great opportunity for growth.

It’s no secret that our human advancements in technology have grossly surpassed our evolutionary ability to connect, love, harmonize and encourage each other as a human team.

Never in the history of time have we been so disconnected. We live so much of our lives through a screen, constantly competing, judging and getting distracted by the next thing that pops up in front of our eyes. And yet, never have we had greater opportunity to share knowledge and information, and to create great, expansive relationships with the potential to make our world a better place.

Our global state is like a double-edged sword and it’s only getting sharper.

Somewhere in the world there is likely a button that, if pushed, could blow us all up. There are also many other buttons that, when pushed, could publish books, articles, audio recordings, songs, videos, movies or other contributions that could literally save lives.

There’s never been a greater opportunity in the history of mankind to create positive or negative momentum in our world so quickly.

And so, the following question looms over our heads...



What is Going to Happen to Humanity?

Will we blow ourselves up? Or will we eventually become a conscious, unified species that thrives as a whole for the purpose of positive co-creation?

There’s no guaranteed destiny for mankind, regardless of what you might believe. No one can know for sure what’s going to happen. In reality, there are only speculations and predictions.

Every person who is currently alive is taking up an equal, significant role in the way the global story entitled Humanity is playing out.

However, most of us have been taught differently, haven’t we?

We’ve been taught that it’s the “other people” who will script the final draft of this dramatic comedy.

Governments, religions, scientists, society, and the smarter, richer, more qualified people…they’re the ones who have the control, right?

Most of the earth’s population is democratically ruled, so I have one question that’s been sitting on my heart for years.

Why are we still choosing leaders who uphold systems that disempower our ability to live free, abundant, creative lives? 

Why are we blindly accepting immoral, unethical yet common practices that hold very little common sense?

Whether you choose to see, accept and embrace it or not, the truth is staring us right in the face.

There is intention behind the fact that there are approximately 300 million people in the world today experiencing some form of depression. 

Approximately one person commits suicide every 40 seconds (3,000 people per day).

Over 8,000 people die from vaccine-preventable diseases every day. Half of those people are children under 5 years old.

We throw out and waste over 3.5 million tonnes of food globally, while 21,000 people are simultaneously dying of starvation every day.

That means that for every person who dies of starvation per day, we’re throwing out 170 tonnes of food—enough to feed a small village for an entire year.

The world is currently $233 trillion ($233,000,000,000,000) in debt.

We are still willingly going to war and killing each other by the thousands.

These numbers and facts about our species may make you wince, cry or feel sick to your stomach.

Is this the best we can do?

If we consciously chose to, we could solve the majority of the world’s problems in a matter of days, weeks or months.

Our world is not the way it is because there are evil people controlling us.

Every authority in our lives is as powerful as our submission to it.

These people, forces, organizations and systems are powerful because we’re still giving them our power. Even worse, we’re accepting what they’re doing as “good” and “normal.”

Through a number of global systems, we’re programmed to believe that it’s not our fault when there’s a problem in our world, and that we don’t have the power to create a change.

We’re taught to believe that it’s “their fault.”

It’s the government’s fault.

It’s society’s fault.

It’s the bankers’ fault.

It’s God’s fault.

It’s your teacher’s fault.

It’s your boss’ fault.

It’s your family’s fault.

But is it?

Whose fault is it that our world is the way it is?

Is placing blame and avoiding personal responsibility for the state of our lives and our world ever going to give us the things we say we want?

So far it hasn’t.

What must change in order for these numbers to change?

This isn’t about blaming you, the government or anyone else.

It’s not about telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your life. 

This is about acknowledging an uncomfortable truth about our current situation.

The degree to which we take responsibility for the way our own lives play out is the same degree to which we can create a happier, healthier abundant planet for everyone.

It’s time for us to take back our power and make a choice instead of allowing “them” to make it for us.



How to Be the Change You Want to See in the World

I’m not pressing for any kind of utopian society.

We’re never going to be perfect and we’re never going to stop finding ways to improve upon the past.

But there are many reasons to be hopeful. People are creating positive changes in the world.

Now, more than ever, a growing number of people are discovering and engaging in simple yet powerful practices that have been scientifically demonstrated to produce a great number of positive benefits:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qigong
  • NVC (Non-violent Communication)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Conscious breathing
  • Tantra
  • Dream building/Goal setting

These are just a few of the practices that, although simple, help people experience more confidence, happiness and success in their daily lives.

Humanity is shaped by the things we choose to give our attention to. If you want to be part of a shift that is of service to yourself and our planet, here are 4 simple yet powerful practices that, when applied, will have a wonderful impact on your life and the world as a whole.


1. Continually define and calibrate your “self” (who you are), your values (what you want) and your daily habits (how you achieve your desires).

Consider your contribution to the world and whether your habits add or detract value.

The greatest gift you can offer yourself and humanity is your own authentic alignment with your highest values.

The more clarity you bring to who you are, the happier and more successful you’ll be in all areas of life.


2. Lead from the heart.

More than fame, fortune and fantasy, people today want connection. The most influential, powerful and successful people will be those who have an interest in what is best for everyone, including themselves.

We are a human team. Ask often, “Is what I’m doing creating value for myself and others? How can I create even more value in my desired areas?” If you don’t feel like you’re creating value, chances are you’re not as clear as you can be on practice #1.

Continue to define, calibrate and lead your sense of truth from your heart.


3. Free yourself from all violence.

We’re programmed to believe that most forms of violence are normal and valuable. If that’s true, ask yourself how violence is producing value in our society.

Violence is not needed and has no place in the mind of someone who is engaging in practices #1 and #2.

Every time you find yourself getting a “positive” rush from anything violent, ask yourself, “Is this serving me?” Be curious and open to the honest answer. If you allow yourself to have compassion for our addiction to violence and see it for what it really is, you will slowly tolerate it less and less.


4. Be your best self.

You will fail sometimes in your pursuit of a more successful life.

That’s okay. You will then get back up and try again.

You’re not meant to have everything figured out. You’re not meant to get anything done and completed.

When you accept yourself and the world the way it is, you can relax as you peacefully move toward a more desirable life.

You will no longer react negatively to the atrocities of the world because you’ll be so focused on creating the best life you can for yourself and others. That doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to any problems or issues. It means that you recognize and embrace them while focusing only on solutions instead of problems.

Do the best you can. That’s all you and humanity can truly ask for.


A Message to the “Light Warriors”

A "Light Warrior," or "Light Worker," is someone who feels inspired or called to actively engage in conscious positive change for our planet.

Not everyone has this instinct within them. That's okay. Everyone has different desires and values, and I embrace that fully.

However, there are those of you who do want to make your life about creating a positive difference for our planet.

All I have to say to you is: Believe in your mission. Believe in your calling. Believe in your truth.

Start now by engaging in the practices above. The more you practise, the more aligned you’ll be with your highest self. The better you become, the more lives you’ll change, and the greater your impact will be on yourself, your community and ultimately the world.

Follow your bliss. 

Always go with your gut.

Trust your vibes.

Where to go and what to do next have already been presented to you. Now you just have to be open to feeling, hearing, seeing and recognizing it. From there, you will take inspired action toward your highest calling.

I am making my life about this work. It has taken me years to fully accept this path as my truth.

It can be scary at times. It can be daunting. It can even seem hopeless.

But we’re not doing this just to create a better future.

We’re doing this to create a higher quality now.

We’re doing this for the joy it brings us.

If you’re not in joy, you’re missing your mark.

You are always the chooser of your experience. Keep choosing your highest purpose. 

The world is waiting for your message, song, dance, movie, book, article, art, audio program, speech, project, invention, idea, movement or charity. The world is waiting for your beautiful gift.

The clearer you are on what you want for yourself, the happier you’ll be, and the more value you’ll create.

Together, we will prosper.

Keep going.

I love you all.

In light,

Bron Johnson

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