What Does It Mean To "Awaken Spiritually?"


Have you ever had a lucid dream?

It’s when you are sleeping in a dream state and you are conscious that you are dreaming at the same time.

Lucid dreaming is fun! You can be, do and have anything you want as long as you can imagine it while dreaming.

Because of the level of freedom, fun and empowerment you experience once you are lucid in a dream, you never want to wake up from them.

When you hear people talking about being “Spiritually Awakened,” they're usually referring to the state of being you’re in when you're lucid dreaming. 

These people have realized and accepted a higher level of conscious control of their life experience while being awake in their physical bodies.

No, It doesn’t make them “better.”

It simply means they have chosen to experience a higher level self-empowerment than those who haven’t made this choice.

Many people call this spiritual realization many different things while using words such as “God, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness” etc.

This article isn’t about connecting with any form of dogma or worshipping any deity. If that’s what you’re searching for you will not find it here.

The kind of spiritual awakening I’m referring to is purely about accepting yourself as a conscious creator of everything you experience in your life.

Allow me to explain further.



The opposite of being awake or conscious is being unconscious.

Most people live very unconscious lives, meaning they rarely, if ever, consider who they really are, what they really want, or the best way to create it in their experience.

Their lives are similar to how their sleeping non-lucid dreams are: out of their conscious control. 

The choices they make throughout their lives are mostly just reactions to other people’s mindless choices. This is why we live in such a chaotic world. It has been given birth by a planet of unconscious reactive minds rather than conscious awakened minds.

Awakening spiritually has nothing to do with garnering new belief systems. It’s not even about engaging in any spiritual practice or having a teacher that you look up to. However, all of those points and others may be apart of ones awakening process, but not necessarily.

You don’t have to do anything to be awakened on a spiritual level. You already are awake. You just have to realize and accept it.

Awakening spiritually means to have a shift in your conscious awareness of who you truly are.

When you become lucid in your dream state a rush of total freedom runs over your entire being. You remember your interconnectedness with all-that-is (your dream).

Fear is impossible at this point because you realize and accept yourself as the only creator of your experience. Nothing can come in unless you invite and allow it in.

From this empowered state, you don’t give any attention, focus, or desire to anything unwanted. Why would you? All you want to do is focus on things that are fun, freeing, and alive to you. You’re like a little kid in a sandbox acting on any inspiration that calls you the most.

Why would you choose to create something in your dream that would upset you? Why would you waste your time interacting with a dream that made you suffer? 

You shift from seeing yourself as a person living inside a universe to an infinite being with a universe living inside of you. 

From there, your values will change. Things that you wanted before may seem irrelevant, unimportant, empty, or unworthy of your time and energy.

You may realize that you were unconsciously giving your focus to things, relationships, and projects that never truly fulfilled you to begin with.

You chose these things in the past based out of a flawed perception of your highest sense of truth and inner freedom. That’s okay. Most people are still unconsciously creating their lives this way, while more and more people are waking up.

It is important to note, however, that we cannot necessarily judge someone’s level of spiritual alignment by the life they are living because we don’t know what their journey is all about.

What other people do with their time and energy is none of our business and not in our control. 

The only thing you have control over is your dream and the way you choose to respond to it in every moment.

When you start to choose a more conscious life you will enjoy your Self and your experience more unconditionally.

You will be fully engaged in whatever you’re doing, yet detached from needing anything to go a certain way in order to make you happy.

This way of living takes practice, just as it takes practice to become a deliberate lucid dreamer. I’m not going to tell you it’s necessarily easy. I will tell you that it is rewarding beyond measure. Everyone makes this shift at different times and paces.

Here are some tips to begin consciously moving towards an awakened life now.


1. Accept that you will never get it all figured out.

The essence of your life experience is a total mystery! Humans have been around for centuries and we still haven’t been able to agree on who we really are as a species, where we came from, and why we’re here. 

The human mind is impossible to understand completely from our physical vantage point because its receptors can only interpret a very small fraction of what reality actually is (less than .01% of reality can be interpreted by the physical human body).

Even the information that we have about our brains is stored in our brains. Our perception is therefor inescapably limited. This creates an endless existential mystery that cannot ever be solved as long as we are human. 

In other words, we cannot assume we know the complete truth of who we are and why we’re here because we simply weren’t built to do so. It is not our purpose to decipher the greatest mystery that is our existence (our dream); it is our purpose to live, love, and embrace it in whatever way we see fit.

The more you accept this, the more time you will spend focusing on actually enjoying this experience we call life, rather than trying to prove an idea or belief system right or wrong. The ladder will always be a futile pursuit.


2. Realize that everything you want is because you think you’ll feel better in the having, being, or doing of it.

What is the first thing everyone wants to do while they become lucid in their dream? 


The root of the desire to fly is the desire to feel completely free, is it not?

Every single pursuit in life has at it’s core the desire to feel a higher sense of love, joy, empowerment, freedom, exaltation, beauty, wonder, and enlightenment.

Most people spend their time trying to experience that feeling through worldly pursuits, instead of finding it in the place where it will always be: within.

It feels good to fly. It really, really does.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t fly or or pursue a life you're inspired to.

What I’m suggesting is that you realize and accept that your joy does not come from engaging in the object of your desire, even though it may seem like it does.

All the joy you experience in life ultimately comes from how much you willingly step into the awakened state of being. This means that your level of joy is dependent on how much conscious awareness you bring to each moment you’re alive in your physical body. 

This state of unconditional love is what enlightenment is. It’s what every human is searching for, and most of us are doing it ever so blindly.

How do you know if something or someone serves you? This can be defined by many different practices. I’ve found that the best practice is ultimately getting honest with the way that thing or person makes you feel when you think about them.

Ask yourself, “If this was a lucid dream, would I choose this?” Your answer is an excellent indicator of how valuable it actually is to you personally.


3. Stop taking things so seriously.

A lucid dream feels truly relieving, doesn’t it?

It’s because you ultimately don’t really care what happens. Even if you die, you know you’re going to wake up at some point and get on with your life.

Imagine if you could bring that level of relief into your awakened life. What would that be like? What would you give your time and energy to if you stopped fighting for a life that you’re not even fully living?

You can choose to take things seriously if you want to. You can choose to get mad, angry, depressed, and upset when life doesn't go your way.

When you become spiritually awakened you see yourself as the creator of your experience and therefor don’t willingly give your power away to your dream.

You own your power over what you create because it makes sense and feels so good to do so.

This does not mean you don’t proactively pursue your goals, dreams, and desires with passion and enthusiasm.

It means that you let go of needing things to be a certain way in order to be happy. You don't take anything too seriously.

Your highest and most natural state of being is to be happy in your now, but also excited and eager for more.

The more conscious and awake you become, the more you will experience that state in your waking life.


4. Above anything else, make joy your highest intention.

When you’re lucid dreaming all you have to do is set an intention and the thing you want to experience will happen instantaneously. There is no time gap between what you want and the manifestation of it.

It can be like that in your waking life when you accept that what you truly want is to feel good.

You may not have control over every detail of what you are currently living, but you always have full control over the way you feel about it.

When you make the decision to feel as good as you can throughout your day, you are wielding more conscious, creative power over what happens in your life experience than any amount of action could produce. In other words, there is insurmountable, exponential power in garnering a positive state of being.

In order to do this, you must start truly caring about the way you feel throughout your day. It may cause you to look at parts of yourself that are uncomfortable.

It may cause you to renounce some choices that you’ve been making in order to make room for more positive ones.

It may cause you to let go of relationships you now realize are not a vibrational match for the human being you want to become.

It is not your work to try and make anything happen in your life. It is your work to get into a state of aligned well being, and follow your bliss just as you would do in a lucid dream.


Life Is But A Dream

You are here to have fun and enjoy the ride that is your life.

You will laugh. You will scream. You will suffer. But in the end, everything will be okay. You will wake up and realize that everything you were once fearful of wasn’t even real. It was all a product of your thinking. It was all a just a dream.

When you gain control of your thoughts, you gain control over the way you feel.

When you gain control over the way you feel, you will really start to fly.


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