Remembering Who You Are

Is it important to know who you are? If you don’t know then how can you truly be aware of what you truly want? Without an awareness of what it means to feel joy, contentment, love, gratitude, or any other positive emotion, how do you know what your life purpose is all about?

These are the dominant questions that have been driving my life experience for over ten years now. I’ve been insanely passionate about rediscovering the accurate truths of the universe.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What do we want?

How do we get “it”?

I have studied and searched every day for the answers to these questions. Thousands of my hours have gone into discovering the truth of our existence. This blog is dedicated to help those who are also seeking the answers to these questions. I’m here to joyously assist you on your path of enlightenment. I am not a guru, nor do I claim to be one. I am, like you, a natural born seeker. I teach through my experience and now I am here to help you.


An Open Mind Will Serve You Greatly

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
— Buddha

I will never tell you that you should trust what I say. I wish for you to listen to these powerful teachings and then apply what you learn in your own life to create the success you truly desire. It’s that simple. 

I don’t expect you to believe anything on blind faith. The knowledge and information I share here is practical, scientific, and quantifiable. However, if you are to become the conscious creator of your reality, you must allow yourself to hold an open mind for better quality ideas, thoughts, and belief systems to germinate into ways that will serve you immensely. Any time you catch yourself resisting this information, ask your heart and intellect this powerful question:

Is this true for me?

If you feel a positive resonance with the wisdom you are receiving, you can trust that it is true, even if you don’t understand it yet. If not, then perhaps you are not ready to allow yourself to experience your highest self, which isn’t wrong or bad. Remember, my only intention in this work is to help you experience your truest, most authentic, beautiful, empowered, loving, abundant (etc.) self. If you want that too, then I urge you to move forward; we’re in this together! <3

From here on I am going to present you with some ideas that have the ability to totally change your life into one of total bliss, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity! From here on in, make it your intention with me now to let go of any resistant thoughts you might have to becoming the human being you want to become. You’re in the perfect place now to receive this information. The only thing standing in the way is your limiting beliefs. Continue to let them go. I am here when you fall. Stand up and try again.

Let go and let’s go!


Who You Now Are In This Physical Body

In reality there are actually two parts to “who you are.”

1. The physical part of you which has the capability of experiencing reality through its five physical senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing).

2. The non-physical part of you which has the capability of experiencing reality on an emotional, feeling, or intuitive sense.

Again, I’m going to continue to remind you to keep an open mind to this information, especially if this is your first time being exposed to it. The reason you may think doubtful thoughts is because our species is only recently discovering the truth to the phenomena of who we truly are on a quantum level. Up until recently, most people disbelieve what they cannot see, but our “super natural” and scientific experiences are showing us that there’s far more to “us” than meets the eye.

Allow me now to explain the relationship between these two parts of you, for once you understand the nature of who you are you will unlock power within yourself you may not have known you had. Subsequently, you can use this power at will to create a life that is pleasing to you, rather than one in which you feel disempowered and victimized by your current circumstances.


The Physical

The physical apparatus that you know as “you” is, in fact, a very minuscule part of who you truly are. In fact, quantum physics tells us that we are less than 1% physical and more than 99% non-physical. The illusion is that the time-space reality we know is all there is because it’s all we can experience through our physical senses.

What you sense of your reality through these physical senses is literally a tiny fraction of the totality of what reality is. This does not mean that our physical senses are inherently negative because of their limitations. On the contrary, we are supposed to embrace this “limitation” while simultaneously becoming aware of the greater and far more powerful part of us — the non-physical.


The Non-Physical

The non-physical part of who you are is a challenging concept to communicate to a mind that is not yet open to understanding it. If you are reading this, the chances are you are ready now to receive the awareness of the more broader, sophisticated, and intelligent part of who you truly are. Through the limited tool of language, I will now do my very best to paint a picture of the relationship between your physical and non-physical nature.

Imagine an ocean. The ocean is always the ocean even if a part of it turns to waves on the surface. From land, you can see its vastness along with pieces of the water taking on countless forms among the great, beautiful surface. Upon contemplation you will realize that in reality the ocean is one giant organism moving in and out of itself appearing as if it’s consistently the same ocean, yet simultaneously constantly changing form. In other words it looks like the same water, but it is true that the molecular structure of every bit of water is constantly changing.

This is where your mind may twist a little bit. Keep focused. Keep an open mind. This is important. You’ll appreciate this powerful wisdom.

From our physical perspective it appears that our physical world has a certain consistency to it, which is true. There are physical laws, such as the Law of Gravity, that create a fun, dynamic, yet certainty that gives us what we know as our life experience. However, it can be shown on a microscopic level that what we know as “physical life” is far more non-physical than we once thought.

Why is this important? Because up until recently you have been trained to believe that the totality of who you truly are is limited to the physical part of you, when in reality, you are far more than that. You are not just a wave on the surface of the ocean. It can been seen on a quantum level that you are interconnected to the whole ocean.

You are both a wave, and the whole ocean and all its unfathomable power simultaneously.


What Is The Relationship Between The Non-Physical And Physical Part Of Who You Are?

First you were the ocean, and then you became a wave. The nature of the relationship between the non-physical and the physical perspective of who you are is exactly the same. 

First you were a non-physical being who was (and still is) interconnected to the vast intelligence of all-that-is. (Remember, this is the part of you that you cannot experience with your five physical senses alone, and so this idea may be hard to grasp). You then deliberately chose to focus yourself into a physical perspective (a wave) while simultaneously holding your unbreakable non-physical connection to who you truly are (the ocean).

You were a powerful point of non-physical consciousness before you decided to focus yourself into a physical flesh, blood, and bone body, and in this moment still remain connected to that 99.99% of who you truly are. Even though you look separate from the rest of the reality around you (the ocean), but on a quantum level, you are connected to it all. You are literally one and the same of every particle the physical world is made out of.

There is nothing in the universe that is not created from this non-physical energy. Everything that you experience in the physical was first non-physical, and over time with pure positive decision, that which was non-physical became physical.

Everything you see around you— the lamp, walls, coffee, watch, clothes, chair, desk, ring — were once only ideas (non-physical). The ideas were harnessed by a mind or group of minds and focused upon until they became real (physical). What’s upsetting is that most individuals don’t yet remember the power and potential of an idea. They don’t remember that they too were once an idea in the mind of their mother and father and over time and intention were born into a physical counterpart.


You Are A Natural Born Creator

Through the power of intention, you focused yourself into this being you know as the physical part of you while you were still non-physical. And now that you are physical, there is still that greater (ocean) part of you that you remain infinitely connected with. There can never be a time when you are not connected to this powerful stream of well-being, for this part of you is, and forever will be, infinite. The life you are living now is only a small part of what you get to eternally experience. There is no beginning and no end to the creation of “you.” You will always be rooted in non-physical even after the physical part of you seizes to be. Like the wave, for a short time, you get the opportunity of experiencing your “self” from a different perspective of who you truly are, while knowing deeply that you will always be held, loved, and taken care of by the greater part of “you.”

The non-physical part of you, which I will synonymously refer to as your “inner being,” “higher self,” or “god-self” throughout this blog, wants to have this experience here on earth for the pure sense of joy and expansion that it provides.

You came here for no other reason that to create that which is most pleasing to you from your unique and powerful perspective. Through your life experience you have discovered more and more of what you don’t want, which instantaneously gives birth to the awareness of what you do want. Because of your clear and powerful understanding of how this process of creation occurs, you were very eager about joining your physical friends here on earth to have a delicious co-creative experience with them.

From your non-physical perspective you intended to have a positive experience while here on earth. You were very aware of that which was in contrast to what is wanted, and did not fear any of it, for you knew and understood The Law of Attraction and what it would yield to you if you allowed it.

You knew that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have once physically focused, and that all that it takes to create that which you are wanting (good relationships, careers, health, adventures) was to remember the nature of who you are and the simple, yet infinitely powerful laws of the universe.


Do You Want To Know More About Your True Nature?

Your higher self is not focused on anything that would make “you” feel negative in any way, for this non-physical part of you is made up of pure positive energy. In other words, there is nothing in the universe that would cause your God-self to be worried, fearful, disappointed, angry, guilty, or depressed about anything, for those ideas are no where near the vibrational vicinity of that which is your true essence. There is no source of negative energy. All that is (the ocean) is made up of the same thing. Because of the limited resources we have to communicate that which is non-physical, the word that comes the closest to it is Love.











“Don’t think, feel… it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory!”
— Bruce Lee

Do not get lost in the words, for words are only words. They don’t mean anything intrinsically. In reality they are just sounds produced by our physical construct to attempt to express meaning. But the actual meaning is only understood when you allow yourself to feel that which these words, and other positive words like these, are pointing towards.

In order to know who you truly are you must allow yourself to feel who you truly are. Your inner-being, and all its glory, is offered to you by your vibrational interpreter known as your emotions. Put simply, the better you feel, the more positive your perception of reality is, and thus, the more in alignment you are with your highest self.

The word “(e)motion” can be translated to “energy in motion.” The emotions you experience are a literal and precise indicator of how in or out of alignment you are with the vibrational frequency of who you are. Negative emotions are a sign that the thought you’re focusing on is not in alignment with the way your highest self thinks about the subject.

For example, you might blame your lover for your jealous emotion when s/he gives someone or something else their loving attention because you hold the belief that their love is only reserved for you. The jealousy and blame you feel in your body is a clear indicator of your resistant thoughts about you and your relationship with your source and your lover.

Negative emotion always means one thing and one thing only: resistance to the truth of who you are. Your inner being knows that its source of love comes from within and not from your lover. Even though it feels good to be seen with eyes of appreciation from others, your inner being is not dependent on other people’s approval of you in order to feel good. Hence, the negative emotion that tells you, “the way you’re viewing this situation is not in harmony with love of self.”

You are supposed to feel good. You are supposed to be happy. You are supposed to have fun. You are supposed to have everything that you want. When you don’t it’s always because of your habitual misaligned thinking on all of life’s subjects.

When you practice higher vibrational thoughts, you will, in time, remember the ease in which you initially intended to experience while physically focused. Creating this consistent alignment with your highest self will only yield results that are immensely satisfying and pleasing to you.


An Overview Of Remembering Who You Are

1. There is a physical part of you that is experienced through your five physical senses. Taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Scientists can observe with powerful microscopes that the physical construct that we live in is mostly space! This means that 99.99% of who you are is non-physical energy. While this is hard to believe and grasp, modern science clearly displays it. Your physical senses are what gives the illusion that the physical dimension is mostly solid, but in reality, the opposite is true!

2. The non-physical part of you — the infinite part of who you are — is hard to comprehend if you are not willing to keep an open mind about these concepts. Just because you don’t understand them, doesn’t mean they aren’t true. You don’t know what you don’t know. The essence of who you are is experienced through your “sixth sense” in the body which we call your emotional system.

3. In comparison to the totality of who you truly are, you are a non-physical being focused into a physical body for a very short time. However, while you are experiencing life through your body, the non-physical parts of you remain completely active and aware of your experience. You access this much greater awareness by connecting either deliberately or non-deliberately to the way you feel in each moment you’re alive.

4. Your emotions are your perfect map that tell you how aligned or misaligned you are with the non-physical essence of your inner being. If you feel positive emotion (love, freedom, joy, happiness, passion, oneness, empowerment, etc.) you are in alignment. When you feel negative emotion (hate, fear, anger, depression, resentment, boredom, etc.) you are, to a varying degree, resisting your alignment.

5. Because the nature of the non-physical part of you vibrates at a frequency of pure positive energy, everything that is negative only exists because of your resistant thinking in any given moment. In other words, you are supposed to feel good all the time, and when you don’t, it’s the perfect and accurate indicator that the way you’re perceiving something is not how your highest self is perceiving it. You could accurately say that the opposite of who are is an attitude of resistance.

6. Your highest self always see’s every situation with eyes of love and appreciation. The love your source has for you and all things is completely unconditional! In order to experience and create your reality as your source would create it, you must practice feeling better more of the time. It is absolutely not necessary for you to always feel good. However, you will find that the more you practice allowing yourself to feel good, your life will shift dramatically in a positive direction.