How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Life (Part 2)


This is part 3 of a 3-part blog series on How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Your Life.

Part 1 - What Is Reality Made Of?

Part 2 - How Is Reality Created?

Part 3 - How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Life.


How is Reality Created?

People have speculated over this great, important question since the beginning of man! Religion will tell you that their answer is right. Science will tell you that their answer is accurate. But no one has THE answer. I will tell you what I have come to understand based on my own experience and several years of studying this question.


Consciousness Creates Reality

The one thing no one can argue with is that there is some kind of force behind the creation of all-that-is.

What is this force? It has been called many things. Is it God? Is it a natural evolution? Or is it a combination of both?

In order to be crystal clear with my explanation, let me define what I mean when I use such language.

Consciousness is the awareness of all-that-is. It is the part of us that somehow “knows” all and simultaneously is all. It is the vibration of pure knowingness. It is the part of our reality that “knows” that it wants to become more than it already is.

Why does consciousness expand and grow? Because if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be anything for us to define as “real.” It is the fundamental purpose of the universe to become “more.”

The universe itself is conscious. It is alive. It is awake. It is charged with infinite potential energy, and we have the opportunity to experience this energy every moment we are alive in our physical bodies!

Whether we speak about this quality of “God/Consciousness/Universal/Intelligence” from a religious or a scientific perspective, it’s ultimately all the same thing: atoms vibrating at an infinite number of frequencies!

God is the projection man has created in order to make sense of this infinite quality that science has yet to understand. There is no wrong or right way to explain it; there is only accuracy and inaccuracy. In other words, it is impossible to completely understand that which we refer to as God from our physical perspective because its totality is too vast. It is literally beyond our comprehension as physical beings.

However, that does not mean we cannot catch glimpses of it through our sixth sense, which is the vibrational interpreter that measures our connection to non-physical energy.

Our emotions are powerful indicators of our thought alignment with this “Universal Expression.” There is not yet a scientific explanation as to how or why this force exists. But just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean we can’t fully utilize its power.

We can feel a sense of purpose when we understand more about the nature of reality and how it is manifested into the physical dimension. If you didn’t have your sense of emotion, how would you know subjectively what you want in life? Without it you would have no point of living other than some objective reason for being. It is an emotion that makes us unlike the robot and allows true preference and creativity to be born within. 

With emotion, we have evidence of some kind of connection to our own higher guidance, giving us a sense of truth and love and the power to be, do, and have whatever we want in life.


How Does Consciousness Create Reality?

The nature of the universe is pure desire, which means everything that is, ever was, and ever will be, will always want to be “more” than it is. It wants to grow. It wants to expand. 

From the physical perspective, we attempt to comprehend such phenomena by placing a “beginning” and an “end” to the nature of that which we are. But from the grandest point of view, there is no beginning or end. Consciousness is infinite, always growing and contracting, similar to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath. The nature of who you are is omnipresent and always will be.

From the physical point of view, there is an end to the breath-of-life cycle, which we call death. But as we have explored already, the universe is mostly non-physical, meaning that what we call “death” isn’t really death at all; it’s simply a transition of energy from a physically focused group of atoms to a non-physically focused group of atoms.

So, from the physical perspective, reality is created by consciousness through its intention to “be more” than it already is. From a non-physical perspective, there is no creation of reality because everything that exists always has existed. This is a very difficult concept to wrap your brain around because of the limited perception of our minds.

The important part to understand is that You are an eternal interdependent playmate of universal expression, and from your physical perspective, you have the capability to take that which is non-physical (thought form) and turn it into physical (manifested form) through the power of your focused attention on what you are wanting to experience in your life. 

That is your life purpose: to see yourself as a free being with the power to create whatever you desire.


More on the Relationship between the Physical and Non-Physical Part of You

From the physical perspective, we look separate, as I have “this body” and you have “that body.” But on an atomic level, we are all one energy in motion (e-motion), constantly co-creating everything around us simply by perceiving. It is your perception of what is real that makes it real, not the other way around. You create everything with every other being in the universe. We are one unified field of infinite intelligence existing for the joy of the “inhalation/exhalation” process we call life. 

There are several names you can give to this quality of us:




Pure Light



Infinite Intelligence

Higher Self

Inner Being




It doesn’t matter what you call it; what matters is that you get to know it through your emotional experience because that’s why you came here. You came here to know yourself as “God,” and to eternally enjoy the unfolding of everything you deliberately choose to create from your physical format.



Consciousness creates reality. You can call it whatever you want. Consciousness is the infinite force that gives birth to all-that-is, including the physical and non-physical part of you.

Consciousness “wants” to become more than it already is because it is in its nature to do so. From a physical perspective, consciousness can “die.” But from a non-physical perspective, it always is, for consciousness is infinite beyond the physical dimension. Therefore, everything that is will always be, continuously changing in and out of form for the purpose of enjoying the inward/outward movement of universal expression.

Science has not yet fully understood this great intelligence that permeates all that is; however, we know we can experience it through our feeling sense. It is our emotions that make us interdependent creators, rather than purely reactive creators.

It is up to us to learn from our emotional sense and to utilize it, deliberately creating a life that is most pleasing to us. When you comprehend this infinite part of You, you will discover that you are so much more than just a physical body. You are a leading-edge creator who has the ability to powerfully summon any result you want into your experience by using the power of your focused thinking.

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