How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Life (Part 1)


This is part 1 of a 3-part blog series on How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Your Life.

Part 1 - What Is Reality Made Of?

Part 2 - How Is Reality Created?

Part 3 - How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Life.


Manifesting what you truly want in life is easy if you understand how the process of creation works. In the next three blog posts, I will explain three concepts about our time/space reality that are important to know if you want to deliberately create anything you want in your experience. 

I consider these answers to be a thumbnail sketch; however, you will receive great value from the given explanations. My intent is to give you the key information needed to begin consciously creating the life you want right now.

I’ve laid out this information in a textbook-style format so you can reference it in an easy way whenever you want. This is an excellent article for you to “learn” from. I want you to use it to its full capacity in whatever way you see fit.

Let’s begin.


What is Reality Made of?

We all know, from a scientific understanding, that the smallest unit of matter is the atom, which is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

There is nothing in the universe that is not made up of atoms. Your skin cells, water bottle, laptop, carpet, and even the oxygen going in and out of your lungs are all created from the exact same material: atoms.

An atom is incredibly small—so tiny that it’s almost pointless to describe its size using words alone. To give you an idea of how small an atom is, go ahead and watch this five-minute TED-Ed video now.

It can be difficult to fathom, but everything that you experience with your senses is nothing but atoms. The atoms of your toothbrush and the atoms of your pet dog, cat, fish, or hamster only appear different because of the vibrational frequency the atoms produce.

That’s right. The only difference between anything is the vibrational nature of that very thing. But, in the end, everything is the same thing.

Why is this important? Because when you understand that the only difference between You, your physical body, and the object of your desire is the vibrational frequency that they emit, you will have a far easier and much more fun time becoming what you want to become in every area of life!

“Why will I have an easier time achieving success when I understand this?” you may ask. Continue reading and you will find out.

As shown in the video above, the area between the nucleus and electrons is 99.99% space, which means that everything we perceive as physical mostly isn’t! Just because it appears physical, doesn’t mean it is. Our senses only have the ability to perceive a certain range of vibrational energy, which is why an apple looks, tastes, smells, and feels the way an apple does and a piece of chocolate looks, tastes, smells, and feels the way a piece of chocolate does. 

The particles that make up the apple are vibrating at a different frequency than the particles that make up the piece of chocolate, and are therefore giving off a very different appearance, taste, touch, and smell.

Your five physical senses are vibrational interpreters, constantly perceiving and translating the infinite amount of frequencies coming through in your world. Your brain then perceives them as meaning (desire or preferences), and grows and evolves from that experience. Reality (atoms) actually becomes more than what it was purely from your interaction with it.


Every Moment You are Alive, You are Evolving Based on This Process.

1. Five physical senses —> 

2. Perceive reality —> 

3. Interpret reality (make meaning out of experiences) —> 

4. Preference is born based on interpretation—> 

5. Growth, expansion, evolution —> 

6. Five physical senses… —>


This process equals our life experience. In other words, there is never a time when you are not perceiving, interpreting, creating meaning, and evolving! You are infinitely growing and expanding as a result of existing!

Every experience you have with physical reality is based on the vibrational interpretation your senses give it. From the plethora of experiences we have, which equals our lives, we give birth to a vast wave of preferences and desires to which our brains are naturally attracted.

“The orange tastes good to me,” you proclaim. “But the oyster tastes bad!”

“Rock and roll sounds good to me,” you feel. “But country music does not.”

“Getting massaged feels good; getting punched does not.”

On and on it goes, for the more life you experience, the more you get an idea of what you’re attracted to and not attracted to.

This leads to the basic yet profound conclusion that preferences and desire are not only natural on the most fundamental level, but are necessary for our growth as a species. We literally could not progress, let alone exist, if we did not have these contrasting experiences which give birth to our desires.



1. The fabric of our time/space reality is constructed from atoms, which are 99.99% space. Using just words to explain how small atoms are is difficult. Refer to this video for a good visual explanation.

2. Everything you experience in the world is made up of these atoms, which are all vibrating at different frequencies. The vibrational frequency determines the physical characteristics of the object the atoms make up. For example, a banana is made up of atoms that are vibrating “banana frequencies.” The chair’s atoms are vibrating “chair frequencies.”

3. Our five physical senses only have the ability to interpret a limited spectrum of frequency. This is why you can’t see oxygen gas, sound or radio waves. The frequency of these atoms is vibrating outside of the spectrum that our eyes have the ability to interpret. Remember, just because you can’t see it does not mean it does not exist.

4. Our five senses give birth to our experience here in this time/space reality, which then leads to perception, which leads to interpretation, which leads to preferences, which leads to our natural growth and evolution. This process is happening every moment simultaneously. This process equals life.

5. It is natural and necessary to have desires and preferences. Without them, everything would cease to exist.



Look around your environment right now and imagine everything to be the same thing: atoms vibrating at different frequencies. See if you can come to the awareness that there is nothing different between what makes up “you” and what which makes up “the cup.” Everything is the same thing; it’s your perception of reality that gives it meaning and contrast.

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