Do THIS Before Pursuing The Relationship


There is someone at your work, school, gym, yoga studio, grocery store, coffee shop, social circle, facebook or instagram page...

That you are attracted to in some way and want to interact with on a different level than you have been.

My question is, have you told them yet?

If not, I bet I know why.

It takes courage to tell someone what you truly want with them. 

Multiple fears course through our bodies when we imagine telling "him" or "her" that we find them attractive, hot, beautiful, sexy, or gorgeous.

We may feel unworthy at the thought of asking our boss for a raise or a promotion.

We may feel tiny or insignificant when we offer our products or services online in a sea of direct competition.

It's possible to feel panic or angst when meeting people for the first time in the pursuit of creating new friendships.

No doubt about it. It takes vulnerability to communicate genuine emotion and thought to people.

When you look at our society, one can't argue that it's normal for most of us to not express the way we truly feel about what we want.

How many people would you say know the real you?

How many people would you say you really know?

We are raised in a society where it is more acceptable to cover up how we feel, rather than be honest with what we truly want.

The consequence of this, of course, is living a life that lacks authenticity.

The good news is that we can change this if we want to, and it will also create the success we desire in all our relationships.


What You're Truly Looking For

In your aim to get a girlfriend, boyfriend, have sex, meet new friends, get clients, business partners, etc...

What you're truly looking for is always the same thing:

Connection with your sincere desires.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to know exactly what you want on every single topic.

Connecting with your desires doesn't need to be that complicated, nor does it need to be a drawn out, analytical process, despite what many personal development or relationship coaches may tell you.

Connection, in the way I'm talking about it, means having a high sense of clarity and belief about the essence of what you are wanting, and having the courage to pursue it without attachment to an outcome.

Creating success is more about knowing what you want while having the positive expectation that you are worthy, capable, and deserving of it.

Getting to that place of high belief in your desire is an art of its own.

The good news it that it can be learned, practiced and maintained if you choose to consistently observe your emotional reactions to the things that happen to you throughout your day, and take action on improving them.

Yes, this will require you to be open to the truth of what you're really feeling. All positive growth begins with self realization to some degree. Even though it's challenging at first, what you will get in return (a life filled with meaning and fulfillment) is worth it!

If you were to analyze any experience you've had in your life, you would find that the way you were thinking and feeling in the weeks, days and minutes leading up to it directly correlated with the result.

In other words, positive expectation breeds positive results.

Negative expectation breeds negative results.

This is a consistent, irrefutable law of life.

When you consciously make a positive connection with your desires before you take action on them, your chances of success increase exponentially.

But... you must begin caring more about the way you feel.


How To Know If You're Connected

Connection to your desires is always indicated in the form of genuine positive emotion.

Love, joy, well-being, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, bliss, hopefulness, purpose, determination, happiness, empowerment, and peace are all perfect signs that you are connected to what you say you want in your life.

The truth is, you haven't told the person(s) what you want because you don't believe you will get the result you are looking for, and thus do not feel these kinds of emotions, when you think about expressing them.

You likely feel emotions such as embarrassment, unease, discomfort, anger, disbelief, sadness, disempowerment, or any other emotion that equates with the lack of the outcome your heart desires.

It's okay to feel this kind of disbelief. It was a learned behaviour in your past, unknown to you, and you can change it.

Conscious success begins with imagining yourself having, being, or doing what you believe you truly want, and feeling good when you think about it.

The very idea of you enjoying the manifestation of what you want will create it in your life if you begin now practicing positive expectation of your desires.

You do not have what you want because some other external force has resisted or kept it away from your experience.

Life doesn't work like that. Nothing is working against you; in reality, everything is working for you, and your ability to see and live this depends on your willingness to make a conscious, consistent shift from negative to positive expectation on all subjects throughout your day.

It truly is a daily practice of telling yourself a better feeling story about the things that matter most to you and watching how that has a dramatic impact on all of your results, including the new or improved realtionships you pursue.


How To Practice Positive Connection 

The trick to practicing positive expectation lays in your acceptance and belief that life is supposed to go well for you, and when it doesn’t, it's meant to be seen as a learning experience rather than a sign that you're not worthy.

Lack of self worth is what holds more people back from their desires than anything else put together.

Positive expectation is easy to master when you allow yourself to remember and embrace these basic truths that apply to all living beings: 

1. You create your own reality by virtue of what you consciously or unconsciously expect to happen throughout your life. 

2. Life is working in your favour. No matter who or where you are, or no matter how bad your life is right now, you have the choice to turn things around by choosing to focus in a more positive feeling direction. This does take practice but you can and will do it if you choose to give yourself this gift. (Remember, you always have a choice in the way you feel.)

3. Taking full responsibility and ownership for the way you react to all things on both a mental and emotional level is the most important step in creating positive connection.

4. The way you think and feel now is always a perfect match to what manifests in your future.

5. You cannot fail from the perspective of your highest self. Failure is a positive experience that is only seen as an opportunity to learn more about what you truly want, and how to get it. For this reason, you are always on the path to greater clarity and fulfillment of who you truly are. 

6. Everything you think you want is because you believe you will feel better in the having, being, or doing of it. Making your emotional well-being your highest value will bring you the success you want faster than all other practices put together.


Cultivate Positive Expectation BEFORE You Pursue The Relationship

Ask for what you want and expect them to say yes.

Don’t take my word for it. Test this and examine the results you get. Over time, your core expectations are always a match to your end result. 

If they don't say “Yes”, choose to not look at it as a failure. Choose to look at it as a learning or growing experience and move on.

When you realize that all negative and positive emotion is due to the way you are perceiving whatever you’re focused on in that moment, you take back the wonderful conscious creative control of your life experience.

This will eventually lead you into a consistent and constant unconditional loving and enthusiastic attitude towards life. 

If you get what you want, you say, “Excellent!” and then move forward with it in joy.

If you don't get what you want, you say, “Excellent!” and you move forward without it in joy, along with a new gift of higher clarity.

What or who you were pursuing wasn't a great match to what you want, which also means there's something even better ahead on your path. If you continue on with high connection to your desire, you will soon experience it in your reality.

There are two ways to live life:

1. Expecting things will work out for you (the easy, natural, positive way).

2. Expecting things will not work out for you (the hard, resistant, negative way).

Both ways are valid, and the choice is always yours.

Have FUN on the way to improved relationships in all areas of life.