A Simple Question That Can Change Your Life

Today I invested a lot of time into engaging with Brendon Burchard's High Performance Habits Builder Course. I did this with the intention of gaining a deeper sense of CLARITY (one of the 6 key habits of high performance, according to Burchard and his teams research) for my life and the direction of my business.

I came out of the first module feeling a deeper sense of confidence and, well, clarity on what I am currently giving my time and energy to that isn't coherent with my higher sense of purpose. For example, I realized upon some self exploring that many of the relationships I'm currently maintaining are not a match for the person I want to become. This is not to say that these people aren't good people. It means that some of them don't uphold the same values I know I'm wanting in my closest friends and intimate relationships.

Can you relate to this? Are there any relationships in your life right now that you feel need to be addressed in a more conscious way?...If you’re human, the answer is yes. 

So that got me thinking...What do I want right now in my life?

In regards to my relationships, I want to connect with people who are on a similar path as me in terms of the way I'm serving and helping people in both my business and personal life. In other words, I want to create more friends who have a deep passion to help make the world a better place to live. Yes, there are many people actively doing this in a variety of ways, such as through teaching yoga, educating in schools, leading charities and non-profit organizations, creating a variety of online educational resources, counselling, health and wellness practices, etc. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways our world is being positively influenced right now. That's excellent!

I'm excited to connect with more people who want to create these kinds of changes in similar ways I do. I want to connect with other personal/spiritual development writers and speakers who have a great sense of passion and desire to help people create a life of success and bliss.

This post is not only about me setting this intention, but also to challenge and inspire you to ask this question of your own life. 

Open up a word document or take out a piece of paper right now and write:

What do I want right now in my life?

Write down the answer(s) that come from your heart. It could be in the area of health, relationships, career/mission, adventure, hobbies, spirituality, emotions, finances, or any other area you can think of. Do this for as little or as long as you want, as long as you feel you have a newfound sense of self-satisfaction and clarity by the end of it.

Clarity of your desires is always the goal when asking this question of yourself.

I realize the simplicity of this practice, but how often do you really ask yourself this? Even more important, how often do you make plans and take action steps toward your answers?

This simple question has the power to begin gratifying transformation in any area of your life!

The answers you write and your level of commitment to them are what define your success. Enjoy the process of gaining clarity and have fun on the journey.

All my love!


P.S- Questions or comments? Please share below! I want to hear from you!


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