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The most successful people in the world realize that the highest measure of success is how genuinely happy they are on a moment to moment basis.
— Bron Johnson

Meet Bron


Bron grew up in the small town of Vernon, British Colombia, Canada. Ever since he was young he recognized that the majority of people in his environment were not living lives that were integral with their highest desires. He saw that a consistent state of suffering was the norm among most adults, and it sparked within him a powerful desire to do something about it...but what?

After pursuing a career in performance arts for a number of years, Bron decided that he wanted to return to his higher calling of helping people experience more happiness and success in their lives. For the next several years he spent most of his waking hours asking the same questions that many scientists, philosophers and theologians have been asking for thousands of years:

Who are we?

Why are we here?

How do we create whatever we want in our experience?

After thousands of hours of studying and integrating the success principles taught by some of the top educators of his generation, Bron has developed a practical and universal coaching modality that helps people experience their lives in a holistic, conscious, and enthusiastic way. All of the work on this site is designed to show you how to be authentically happy and live the life you say you want.